BREAKFAST  till10:30 AM

Biscuit & Gravy   
     buttermilk biscuit with sausage gravy

Breakfast B.L.T.  
     Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo spread; your choice of bread            

Breakfast Sandwich   
      scrambled eggs, choice of meat, cheddar cheese on your choice of bagels or bread ; biscuit; english muffin; croissant

Two Eggs Special   
​      choice of eggs, meat, potato & toast ; let us know how you want your egg done.

BREAKFAST WRAPS till 10.30 am
(sub egg white for any scramble egg = extra $$)​
Chipotle Wrap  
        scrambled eggs, choice of meat or potato, melted cheese with CHIPOTLE sauce.    

Turkey Veggie Wrap  
         turkey, spinach, mushroom, scrambled egg white & melted provolone cheese

Bacon Wrap​   
        bacon, scrambled egg & melted cheddar cheese

Bacon Potato Wrap   
        bacon, potato, scrambled egg & melted cheddar cheese

Sausage Wrap    
       sausage, scrambled egg & melted cheddar cheese

Sausage Potato Wrap    
       sausage, potato, scrambled egg & melted cheddar cheese

Double Egg Wrap  
      double portion of scrambled eggs with melted cheese

Potato Wrap  
      potato, scrambled eggs & melted cheese

Spinach & Feta Wrap  
     spinach, feta cheese & scrambled eggs

OMELETTE till 10:30 am
All Omelettes served with choice of toast and potato
(substitute egg white for any omelette add  $1.19)

Spinach & Feta Omelette  
​    spinach and feta cheese
B.L.T. Omelette   
       bacon, tomatoes, provolone cheese topped with lettuce & salsa    

Denver Omelette   
       ham, onions, shredded cheese, green & red pepper    

Veggie Omelette  
       spinach, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, onions, green & red peppers; NO CHEESE.   

California Omelette  
       EGG WHITE, turkey, avocado, pepper jack cheese & green chillie.   

BYO ( Build Your Own)  Omelette  
       choice of 4 veggies and & 1 meat toppings 

side TOAST ( 2 SLICES) Wheat;Sourdough:White:Multigrain;Rye  
Breakfast Potatoes ( bite size hashbrown = tater tots)  
Oatmeal small  or  large
Bagels : Plain, Everything , Cinnamon Raisin or Parmesan cheese 
side Breakfast meat :  Bacon, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Turkey, Ham